Facebook Gives Marketers a New Shopping Ad Format, ‘Collection’

  • Facebook has announced the launch of ‘Collection’, a new shopping ad format that will help marketers showcase their products in a more visually striking way.
  • Collection boosts the possibilities of discovery and purchase by featuring an innovative piece of video or image above any relevant product image.
  • Facebook’s latest launch Collection, allows the user to click on the ad that can showcase up to 50 products at a time. Tapping on a product will take the most interested user to a product detail page on a business’ website or app to purchase.
  • Brands like Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger are already using Collection to drive sales with compelling video.
  • Adidas showcased a video highlighting the technical features of the Z.N.E. Road Trip Hoodie. People who tapped on the ad were instantly taken to a full-screen shopping experience that included complementary Adidas products to complete the look.
  • While, Avery Baker, Chief Brand Officer, Tommy Hilfiger described, how Collection helped them to generate the ROI increase of over 200%.
  • By introducing Collection, Facebook has helped the brands to create a unique customer experience.
Source: http://bit.ly/2nv7tuu

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