Can Mad Over Donuts capitalise on its early mover advantage to take on global giants?

  • Mad Over Donuts, a Singaporean company was the first donut brand to enter India in 2008.
  • As Dunkin expanded at a feverish pace in the last eight years, MOD grew at a sedated pace, adding just 50 stores- in four cities.
  • Cut to 2017, MOD plans to open 18 outlets in 2017 and expand into 15 more cities over the next five years.
Can MOD do to donuts what Domino’s did to pizzas: make it a mass offering? 
Marketing experts reckon it stands a good chance.
  • It is a perfect example of ‘focus’ strategy in marketing, contends Ashita Aggarwal, head of marketing at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research.
  • When a company focuses on a single offering, tailor-made for a particular market, it builds a reputation as the first mover. Dunkin has vacated the positioning of donuts by focusing on burgers in India.
  • Brand strategist Harish Bijoor too maintains the brand has played the game with Eastern caution, as opposed to Western bravado, which is often hollow. Years have been spent perfecting the offering.
  • The flipside being other brands entering the market in the time spent by MOD on perfecting itself. Krispy Kreme today occupies pole-position in product imagery, quality and taste, he adds. 
  • The key challenge, reckons Bijoor, is to compete with new aggressive players. With Dunkin choosing to stand for more than donuts, there’s an opportunity for every other donut player, including KK. The American player could rob this space.
Bharwani, founder of MOD maintains that for donuts to move from niche to mainstream, the country needs a multi-brand approach, something similar to what other product categories such as pizzas and burgers has seen. 

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