Brands Do Sell Freedom

One of the two most patriotic days of the year arrives on Jan 26, and like each year, brands have taken the opportunity to roll out their contributions to Republic Day campaigns 2019. Brands have been channeling their patriotism in the form of creativity on social media platforms all over such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Some of the notable brands that have launched their respective Republic Day campaigns in 2018 are Mother’s Recipe, Ixigo, Bisleri, Bajaj Avenger and many others. While some brands opted for video campaigns such as Mother’s Recipe and Bisleri. On India’s 70th Republic Day, several brands have come out with campaigns that are taking up a social cause, saluting our soldiers or getting across a message of unity. Here are some of these ad campaigns:

  • Soho Square- As India celebrates its 70th Republic Day, Soho Square is proud to present its next #ProudlyIndian campaign for Lava Mobiles. This new film is a means to evoke a sense of pride among citizens who perhaps, don’t share the same sense of patriotism as their elder generation.
  • Bajaj Avenger- Republic Day celebrates the glory of this nation and the parade at Rajpath is symbolic of this day in the minds of all Indians. Bajaj Avenger used the opportunity to interestingly showcase and honor our great outdoors and the wildlife that is found in the country, thus urging riders to celebrate this day by exploring this great republic.

Marketing is no longer about pushing the products to the consumers, rather a brand name gains more affiliation with the public when they can effectively take the side where the people sentiments lie. When it comes to republic day, every citizen is filled with patriotism towards the country, and brands have the opportunity not only to sell their brand name but also to bring the citizens to a common page with a shared sense of belongingness. The number of brands campaigning on republic day is limitless, let us see the campaigns of a few other brands in our next post.


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