End of Horlicks Era!

The malted milk drink “Horlicks” came a really long way in these past 140 years. Horlicks began its journey in the UK by two brothers William and James Horlick. In very few years of its launch, it became a part of many household’s daily routines.

   Horlicks became a savior for many people in different parts of the world. It’s created some brilliant examples for the world when it came to creating value and living up to people’s expectations. During World War II, Horlicks tablets were used as energy booster by US, British and other soldiers and it was also used as a component of aircrew escape kits. It was also seen a proud moment when organizing committee in 1948 London Olympics gave Horlicks to all the competitors taking part.

  • Horlicks came as a substitute when there was a shortage of milk in the world. This brand successfully managed to travel to different parts of the world with different positioning catering to the expectations of people around the world.
  • Horlicks always kept an eye on consumer’s changing requirement and preferences around the globe. It came in various formats i.e. women Horlicks, Pregnant women, kids and different flavor’s i.e. chocolate, vanilla e.tc. Over these years. It never failed to live up to people’s expectations by always keeping a balance between quality and innovation.
  • Last week all the speculation about the sale of the GlaxoSmithKline’s Indian consumer business including Horlicks came to an end when Unilever purchased it for $3.8 billion. Unilever said that Horlicks has a strong hyperlocal impression and now it’s time to tap the rural market with various emerging channels.

With HUL, Horlicks can look forward to some great times. Maybe new owners will be able to create an amazing rural impact and boost the market up. But, Horlicks is an old brand and people have an emotional connection with it. People prefer it the way it is. It might be difficult for people to accept even a slight change because this brand was a part of many people’s childhood and growing years. Brand owners are new but the brand story should remain the same.

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