Bajaj Electricals Rolls Out #MagicOfLight Campaign

  • Bajaj Electricals has rolled out its latest campaign, #MagicOfLight, to emphasize the role of the company in impacting lives through their lighting initiatives.
  • The campaign consists of three different videos which convey the three different real-life stories from the hinterland of the country.
  • The film shows how the situation is without light and how the brand has helped the people living in the remote areas by providing light to them. 
  • The audience will get to see this campaign across digital and cinemas and subsequently, the campaign will be aired on TV as well.
  • Bajaj Electricals has been striving hard to bring electricity to far-flung places in the country with a great concern for the environment.
  • According to the company’s source, the insights were taken from the real life incidents that Bajaj’s teams have faced during the execution of various projects across the length and breadth of our nation.
  • Through this campaign, the brand aims to create awareness about the landmark infrastructure projects. 

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