Xiaomi goes old school to reclaim smartphone crown in China

  • Xiaomi Corporation, one of the Asia’s leading startups to quickly capture the markets, is on the transformation path.
  • The company’s sales have fallen and to come back, the company is planning to set up its own signature outlets to set an upmarket tone to lift its brand.
  • But, this step would be more challenging for the company as its rivals Huawei, Oppo, Vivo has already covered the prime locations with hundreds of thousands of resellers.
  • Xiaomi, through its flash sales, was able to cover a huge market but it was not able to capture customers in outlying regions, where the rivals Oppo and Vivo took over the market.
  • Xiaomi is going Apple way by opening its own outlets, called Mi Home.
  • The company is focusing on second and third tier cities, and to begin with, it will start its outlets in Russia and India where it is already at the largest player after Samsung.
  • While in China, the rental rates for store outlets on the busiest streets and malls are too high.
  • In China, Xiaomi has fallen to no.5 among other smartphone sellers. But, now the company is coming back and will have to face a tuff competition from companies like Oppo and Vivo who have a strong hold over the market.
Source: http://bit.ly/2uy2n1t


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