Amazon Is Planning To Store All Your Packages in Underwater Warehouses & Stretch Its Profits

  • Amazon a hugely profitable e-commerce portal is looking to take its business underwater.
  • In a recent patent filed by Amazon earlier this year, the company details a system where it would store its goods in sealed containers underwater in reservoirs, lakes, and so on, only floating them to the surface to deliver to a customer.
  • The idea is this would help cut down on overheads and improve their profit margins.
  • The patent reveals that products would be stored in sealed containers and dropped in water bodies via parachute, trucks, or conveyor belts.
  • Each container would be tuned to a unique “acoustic signal” so, when the right tone is played, its attached air bladder would inflate, forcing the package to rise to the surface.
  • From there, the container can easily be fished out and placed onto a delivery truck, ready to go.
  • But it’s not giving up on warehouses entirely. Amazon says it plans to use the fulfilment centres it owns to instead sort packages for drone delivery.
  • However, there’s no word yet on whether Amazon will actively pursue this plan, or even if it’ll make it beyond the patent stage at all.

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