Amazon develops messaging app ‘Anytime’ to rival Facebook and Whatsapp is working on a new messaging app ‘Anytime’ to compete with Facebook & Whatsapp.
  • The messaging service called ‘Anytime’ will allow users to send messages, videos, photos & let people get involved in group interaction, including playing games & listening to music together.
  • Messages will be encrypted to provide private conversations – a feature in Whatsapp which was heavily criticised by several governments to crack down on crime & tackle terrorism
  • Users will be able to search for people by typing their name in the same way Facebook messenger works.
  • The app will be compatible with desktop & mobile phones, including Android & iOS.
The e-commerce giant is also considering a takeover of Slack, a corporate messaging & software start-up & has been expanding its online grocery division, after acquiring Whole Foods Market Inc.


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