Adidas India’s new Campaign #ItsOnYou campaign

Adidas has recently launched a digital campaign – #ItsOnYou which is the perfect push for non-runners to start running.
  • The core objective is to expand the brand’s community of runners, especially women non-runners.
  • Instead of giving reasons for women to run, the brand rode on the belief that no one can make someone run unless they want to.
  • The new campaign is a thought that echoes an urban dilemma – the clash between the excuse and the tiny voice within that knows the hollowness of the excuse.
  • Through the film, Adidas portrayed real people and their very real stories, with a hope that the message reaches women across strata, geographies and professions – that their run, their energy is in their own hands.
The goal of the film is an attempt to make people realise that every reason one gives to go for a run, and every excuse one gives to skip a run, there’s something above them all – they themselves. To back this philosophy, the #ItsOnYou communication is crafted.
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