Woodland to enter China with Aokang

  • Woodland, the maker of footwear, apparels and accessories has planned to increase the global presence of itself in collaboration with Aokang.
  • The collaboration will help the Woodland to spread itself across 5000 retail outlets in china.
  • The plan will start by stocking Woodland shoes in 150 Aokang outlets on the trial basis which will later on to increase to 5000 outlets.
  • “After testing the market with 150 stores, we shall scale up stocks by September and be available in Aokang stores across China,” said Harkirat Singh, managing director at Woodland.
  • The global collaboration will foster the presence of Woodland to 6000 stores from currently 1000 stores in Hong Kong, Russia, Dubai, and China.
  • Woodland will also start selling Aokang footwear at its stores and its online platform.
  • “The collaboration helps Aokang to expand existing business scope and channels,” said Zhentao Wang, chairman at Aokang International. “It is also good for the company’s long-term planning and development needed to grow in the global market.”
Source: – http://bit.ly/2lKHXOe

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