Will this candy brand get the Pulse right with its first ad?

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  • Pulse candy a part of DS Group crossed 100cr sales in just 8 months without any mass media spends.
  • This candy brand launched its first ad campaign as it crossed 60% product placement in retail shops.
  • The campaign, “Pran Jaaye, Par Pulse Na Jaaye” is conceptualized after studying consumer behaviour.
  • It was observed that a lot of people hide pulse candy from others so that they can eat it later.
  • The company hopes to raise its popularity to another level and strengthen consumer connect.
  • Mahesh Bhatt, co-founder at scarecrow says, “What worked for Pulse when it launched was the mix of product + flavour + format”.
  • Their challenge is to remain at top-of-mind in a segment where customer loyalty is not very high and other candies like ITC’s Candyman Tadka taste similar.
Source: http://bit.ly/2p5VLVg


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