Why Coke Is Adding Last Names to ‘Share a Coke’

  • Coca-Cola first ran its “Share a Coke” campaign in 2011, where people could personalize a bottle of soda with their name, replacing the brand’s iconic logo
  • The brand will get even more personal by adding last names to the mix.
  • Some labels will include surnames, while others will carry person’s name.
  • “Last names give us an opportunity to invite more people into the campaign. It’s just a great way to up the reach.” ,” Evan Holod [Coca-Cola Brand Director]
  • The brand is also connecting with consumers at events like family reunions & weddings.
  • Names will appear at random in retail but people can make personalized orders at ShareaCoke.com.
  • Coke saw a surge in sales after it ran the campaign in U.S. in 2014 with 250 most popular names among teens and millennials.
  • By stamping first names on packages, Coke is feeding into a thirst for personalization and customization.
  • There is vanity appeal when consumers see their own name anywhere.
  • Consumers don’t just seek out their own names, they also look for names of friends and family members too.
Source: http://bit.ly/2pJiYgh


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