Why are brands turning to live video streaming?

  • A live event video is the first actual asset that officially goes out as launch communication.
  • Through live video streaming, consumers get information about the product, its specifications & offers to be availed of in real time.
  • Live video which was first launched by Facebook, followed Twitter & YouTube allows a brand or an individual to stream video content using either a smartphone or desktop in real time.
  • Live videos are growing in popularity as they are immersive & engaging, giving consumers or target audience a front-row experience, encouraging interesting conversations, asking questions of a brand, giving feedback & becoming a part of the community.
  • The communication is not one-sided, unlike a mass media channel like television,
  • Brand presence is felt at relevant platforms by sending the live video.
  • Brands can easily map the engagement primarily through views, likes, shares & comments.
  • Live videos are also becoming a staple tool for movie studios to launch trailers as well as execute promotions by getting celebrity endorsers to interact with consumers.
  • It helps build virality & if the content is good, people start retweeting & sharing it, leading more people to join in.
  • The cost of a live video is one-tenth that of a digital video campaign, attracting ten times more views & eight times more comments than a pre-recorded video.
  • Examples: Launch of Motorola Moto G5, premiere of the movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage, red carpet action from Filmfare Awards, Myntra & Indian units of Hyundai Motors &Jaguar Land Rover, Airbnb Inc, Avon Products.
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