Titan launches Sonata ACT, one-of-a-kind safety watch

 Sonata ACT marks the incorporation of technology in the brand’s products, adding tangible value for customers by foraying into the tech-enabled product space. 
  • Sonata launched ACT – App-Enabled Coordinates Tracker watch- designed exclusively for women. This safety watch makes use of custom-made technology.
  • This path-breaking product caters to the Indian audience at a price range of Rs. 2,749 to Rs. 2,999 having three variants, functional yet stylish.
  • The Sonata ACT watch is complemented with a mobile application to be downloaded onto the user’s smartphone.
  • By making use of Bluetooth, the watch will interface with the mobile to trigger distress alerts to a network of designated guardians. The alert message will provide details of the user’s location co-ordinates to be sent to the guardians via an in-app alert as well as SMS.
With Sonata ACT, Titan is extending their offering to women and girls who are seeking new opportunities and are empowered to chase their dreams.
Source- http://bit.ly/2EPF888

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