The man behind the iconic rum Old Monk

Old monk is an iconic Indian dark rum, launched on 19th December 1954. The dark rum with a distinct vanilla and alcohol content of 42% and produced in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Kapil Mohan was the man behind the iconic rum Old Monk and believed that the product itself is advertisement enough.
  • Under his watch Old Monk developed and poured into the familiar, stout hard glass bottle that would go on to adorn college hostels across the country and gain popularity among the people of Delhi to keep the cold at bay as well as be consumed with spicy snacks.
  • His leadership brought new life to the company which went to establish 3 distilleries and 2 breweries among many other enterprises.
  • They further went into ventures such as breakfast food, juices, glass factories etc and were also behind popular liquor brands like Solan No.1 and Golden Eagle.
  • Consistency in the flavour and traditional way of making liquor has made Old Monk gain a huge market share.
The journey of Kapil Mohan has been very inspiring and made us believe that consistency is the key to success. But journeys are made to end at some point and so was the journey of Kapil Mohan that came to an end on January 6 at the age of 88 due to cardiac arrest in Ghaziabad’s Mohan Nagar area. He had passed on the reins of the company a year ago to his nephews Hemant and Vinay.

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