Patanjali plans for a huge online push

E-commerce is the new and big thing for Patanjali. Though it has a very good distribution network across India still Patanjali is looking to go online as it knows it is the most convenient way to reach its customer.
  • Founded in 2006, this is the first time Yoga Guru Ramdev’s Ayurveda is heading towards the online market.
  • It is looking forward to tying up with the big fishes in the world of e-commerce industry like Amazon and Flipkart combining a sum total of 8 industries.
  • Not just this, Patanjali also announced earlier that they are willing to enter the industry of sanitary napkin and diapers.
Patanjali is one of the fastest growing companies and after acquiring 19th position from the last years 45th position in the Forbes magazine’s Annual India Rich list they are looking for a heavy push by entering the online market and it will be very convenient for the customer to get the Patanjali products but Patanjali needs to take care that it should not cannibalise its offline store sales.

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