New year 2018: Expect digital technology to transform consumer behaviour

Digitalisation is what is happening around the globe and is changing the perspective of everyone including consumers. Like physical newspaper was the thing of past and now a day people don’t even have time for that but still, they are reading the newspaper on their devices and this is the power of digital technology.
  • Digital technology is not only changing the way of life it is also changing the way people see and consume, as in the past advertising was done by newspaper then it shifted to television and now its all on the internet.
  • People are gathering information about any product or brand from the internet via different sources like websites, blogs, social media and much more which is influencing their buying behavior.
  • In the research done by IPG and their group company FCB Cogito Consulting finds out that India is number one in initiating product conversation and actively advocating brands.
  • Not only in this India also score highest on “giving a brand opinion to friends more often” and “regularly consult blogs on social media for finding new ideas about products”.
In India, social networking sites and other networks have a very high impact on consumer decision as people love to compare and to get another opinion. A positive review on YouTube can increase the chances of buying a product and a negative review can decrease it, this is the power of digital technology and the study also shows that the Indian people are passionate about seeking and sharing information about brands.

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