The Hindu gets a Design Refresh

  • The Hindu, India’s national newspaper since 1878, has undergone a design reboot. It has gone back to contemporary design, sharper packaging and re-energised content.
  • The transformation underlines the organization’s commitment to distinctive journalism and serving genuine readers, while upholding the core values of credibility and accurate reportage.
  • Currently, as the reader is placed at the epicentre of all content changes, there would be more news and stories related to cinemas, business, international and sports through the week.
  • A single, comprehensive All-India edition of The Hindu will be circulated in the North with supplements carrying content in Mumbai and Delhi. In the southern cities, The MetroPlus will carry a theme every day, with cinema content published daily.
  • The design has been used to communicate content rather than compete with it for attention. The effort has been to merge the 2 seamlessly and produce a look that favours cleanliness over clutter.
  • After many years of being priced at Rs8, it will now be available at Rs10. For sports enthusiasts, the Saturday edition will carry 2 additional pages of sports news.

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