The Dawn of new-age Politics

India as a country has always been fascinated and inspired by movies. Film stars in this country have always had ardent and dedicated fan base, a relationship which goes beyond watching a three-hour-long film inside a theatre. Tamil Nadu, a southern state in India for example has had some of the most influential leaders like MG Ramachandran, Late J Jayalalitha, Late M Karunanidhi, and all of them had been in the film industry at some point in their lives.

General Elections 2019 has witnessed some of the most unique and engaging content in the form of political film marketing and snackable content generation.

  • Lately, Akshay Kumar’s interview with PM Modi has been making its rounds in the social media. The interview went viral immediately, and its YouTube video locked over 1.5 million views within 5 days. The interview did not cover politics or Mr. Modi’s life as the PM, but focused on lighter topics like life, philosophy, fitness routines, and a variety of other topics. The idea behind such an interview was very simple, to portray Mr. Modi as more than just the PM of India. The video perhaps created a positive imager about our Prime Minister in the views of the masses, perhaps it did not, we can never know for sure.


  • A couple of months ago, Actor Vicky Kaushal tweeted an image of himself and a lot of other star-studded celebrities with PM Modi. This served two purposes, first being for Vicky Kaushal to promote his movie – URI: The Surgical Strike, which had released at that time. The second being for PM Modi to connect with people as more than a monotonous-politician, instead he could be seen as a fun-loving person.


  • Did you ever wonder about the sequence of movies that has been coming out this year? Could you connect the dots? This is the list of some political movies that has come out in the past few months – URI – The Surgical Strike, Accidental Prime Minister, Thackeray, Modi, Lakshmi’s NTR, and Tashkent Files. What can we make out of this?


Are our choices getting influenced without our will? Politics has found its way into movies, interviews, social media, and into everything that we are wholly dependent upon. These movies, for example, are proof that political parties are trying to poke at each other, with us audience in the middle. Are we caught in the crossfire yet again? Only time will tell.



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