Evidence based Marketing

Evidence-based Marketing is a strategy that companies use to market itself. It not only includes research, statistics of the data, consumer information but also includes trend and inputs of an industry expert.

  • This will help companies to back their marketing strategy with authentic data.
  • At times brands use Evidence-Based Marketing as a source of information which will help them take a decision pertaining to the products and services.
  • Hollywood uses this strategy to predict if the film may or may not engage their audience. Usually, it happens before the promotions of the film, or before the film goes on the floor for shooting. 
  • Netflix uses its customers viewing history to understand what the viewer prefers watching and accordingly, makes recommendations of new shows and movies to the users.
  • Amazon is a retail giant who has access to a massive amount of data which they collect continuously. It uses this data in advertising algorithms, and also use the information to improve their customer relations.
  • Burberry is a fashion brand from England. They use the purchase history of customers to increase their sales and with the help of it, they can make suggestions to customers when they visit the app.

The marketers go through the information and data of their audience to understand their likes and preferences. This evidence is gained by interpreting the math of data, and the information which is available. It has proven to be very helpful and beneficial for the analysis of information and will give you the evidence of targeting the right target audience with the right strategy.

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