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Movie marketing has the power to influence and position a concept in the mind of the audience. In India, film industry is very cumbersome and is continuously flourishing since its inception with dedicated followers. This growth gives brands numerous promotion opportunities. Brands have taken all the possible event to associate with movie.

  • At the time of film promotions, the brands that are associated with the film will simultaneously promote by advertising it on their promotion channel.
  • Bollywood actors are strong influencers, as their fans follow many things which they like or use. For Eg. Bournvita associated with the movie Krissh, it was shown that Krissh – the superhero is strong because he drinks Bournvita. The motto of this association was to position bournvita in the mind of the target audience as a product that will make children strong once they start using it.
  • At times brands are promoted in a movie very subtly also at the same time it is made sure that they stand out. For instance: In the latest movie Gully Boy, Alia Bhatt had used Truecaller to find out who was texting her boyfriend Ranveer Singh. Also, various other brands like JBL, Adidas and Social Offline were subtly promoted during the movie.
  • It is not always necessary that the brand will pay for the promotions in the film. For instance, in a Hollywood movie Italian Job, BMW had associated and did not pay for the promotion of the car. Instead, they just gave them 30 cars for the film.

     Movie advertising is an old concept but recently it has picked up and now it is taken a lot more seriously. They not only give a wider reach but also act as influencers for their audience.

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