Star Moves on from ‘MaukaMauka’ to ‘SabseBadaMoh’

  • Star India, to promote the India vs Pakistan’s match, has come up with a new TVC #SabseBadaMoh under #ChampionsKaWorldCup campaign.
  • ICC Champions Trophy is the biggest cricket tournament of the year. The passion, pride and enthusiasm that an India-Pakistan match draws from fans are unmatched around the world. ‘#SabseBadaMoh’ underlines this sentiment.
  • Moving away from ‘MaukaMauka’ was a good idea as it had lived its shelf life and repeating it wouldn’t have had the kind of impact it did the 1st time around.
  • The music is not as catchy as MaukaMauka had. The idea of the film is good though. This current campaign will not go viral as the last one did. It doesn’t pack that punch of MaukaMauka as well.


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