‘SirfPaaniNahi, Glucon-D walaPaani’, Says Glucon-D in its Latest Ad

  • Glucon-D, the energy power brand from the Kraft Heinz Company, has rolled out its latest ad campaign, ‘SirfPaaniNahi, Glucon-D walaPaani’.
  • The campaign aims to teach the audience about how the brand provides instant relief from exhaustion compared to plain drinking water.
  • The ad ends with a note ‘SirfPaaniNahi, Glucon-D walaPaani’ to reinforce the importance of Glucon-D with water in this hot summer.
  • Glucon-D aims to educate the consumers about the benefits of adding Glucon-D to water to quickly restore the lost glucose, minerals and vitamin levels in the body after spending long hours in the sun.
  • Speaking about the same, Suraja Kishore, National Planning Head, McCann said, “Being the market leader, Glucon-D’s task is to grow the category and we went single-mindedly towards that end to chase ‘only water’ consumption occasions in summers.”
  • Through the campaign ‘SirfPaaniNahi, Glucon-D walaPaani’, the brand wanted to highlight the superiority of Glucon-D in recharging the body and providing instant energy.
Source: http://bit.ly/2oT3cy4



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