Selfie turns out to be a new way of marketing so, are you selfie ready?

The word “Selfie” has now become an emotion for everyone. The brands have taken this opportunity to advertise their product or to spread awareness digitally.  They have made Selfie’s a way of earning or winning coupons or hampers by publicizing their product on an individual’s social media.
  • Brands have designed few interesting selfie campaigns which could either be for awareness of a product or run a contest around it.
  • Campaigns are also created to raise awareness for a cause.
  • Social media influencers run such contests by collaborating with the brand and give their product as rewards for the winners.
  • Brand prefers such campaigns as they are quite economical in nature.
  • The results of such campaigns are seen slowly as it takes time for the campaign to become viral but are very effective.
  • Through these campaigns, brands get attraction on their website and social media platforms which will benefit in creating awareness of the brand.
  • Selfies have benefitted the financial institution as well. It helps them get the customers registered online and do their E-KYC. It made the life of the customer quite easy as they won’t have to visit the bank.
  • Federal Bank, Allahabad Bank, Andhra Bank and Union Bank of India have invited customers to send selfies and a photo of their PAN for opening savings accounts.
  • Kotak Life Insurance uses selfies for generating a quote for an insurance policy. Kotak says, “Your selfie will be used to provide a life insurance premium estimate based on an estimate of your age and gender”.
  • Selfie with daughter a campaign that was launched by our honorable president of India. “Selfie with Daughter” has become a worldwide movement against female feticide and sex selection.
  • Padman Challenge was a campaign done to break silence on menstruation in India. In the challenge, many Bollywood actors have participated.

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