What do we want when go to our grandmother’s house in the summer?? Rasna!! What did we stock up our fridges with before Tropicana and Real became cool?? Rasna!! So let’s see what exactly goes behind making this nostalgia instilled strong customer base:
  • Rasna was initially launched as ‘Jaffe’ and distributed regionally in Gujarat.
  • In 1979, it was launched as ‘Rasna’, which was distributed by Voltas who started marketing this brand in 1983.
  • Rasna gave the lower-middle class person who could not afford a carbonated drink, the option of having something similar and even healthy at a price that did not drain their pockets. 
  • Rasna has used global standard technology for its packaging in pilfer-proof and moisture resistant packs like jars, glass bottles, sachets, PP bottles, tins, flow packs and stand-up pouch. Rasna has a diversified portfolio. It includes products like Rasna Rush Orange, Rasna Mango Super Squash, Rasna Rose Syrup, Rasna fruit Plus Real Fruit and many more.
  • It has a strong distribution network that includes services of 35 depots, 2500 stockists and 5 branch offices to reach nearly 1.8 million retail outlets.
  • Rasna has its headquarters base at Ahmedabad in Gujarat. It has opened manufacturing facilities outside India in international countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Bangladesh.
  • The company caters to masses and has targeted everyone from high class to middle and lower class section of society from both urban and rural sector, hence they have adopted a penetration pricing policy which enables them to serve to customers in almost every corner of the country, and anyone can purchase their products since the prices are reasonable.
  • They have also implemented a promotional pricing policy by offering free drinks and other incentives to increase its sales figures and revenues.
  • Rasna prefers television as their medium for promotion as it offers instant recognition. The company also markets its products via radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, sides and backs of vehicles, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, in-store promotions and promotional gatherings at malls and schools.
  • Rasna wants to capitalise on the current market trend towards non-aerated, fruit juice and healthy drink products. Hence, the brand is prompting its new variant Fruit Plus – a drink supplemented with vitamins and endorsed by Akshay Kumar.
  • The brand has come miles since its simple beginnings and is a source of nostalgia for many. No doubt Rasna will continue to make memories for a long time.
Source- https://www.rasnainternational.com/history.html

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