Quikr Expands its Doorstep Service to Process Intercity Orders

  • Quikr has expanded its Doorstep services to allow customers to buy and sell used goods across cities, even as Amazon is foraying into the second-hand goods market through Junglee.
  • This service offers to handle payments, packaging and shipping of goods on behalf of the seller for a commission. This expansion means buyers and sellers can be present in different cities, which makes it the 1st company to offer such service.
  • Earlier the transactions have been limited to the area where buyers and sellers were present. This new initiative takes the smarter solution and amplifies it exponentially by bringing cross-country supply to buyers and demand to sellers.
  • About 30% of used mobile sales on Quikr’s platform are already happening between cities. The company is also seeing a surge in demand for shipping fashion, electronic accessories and collectibles across cities.
Source: http://bit.ly/2p2Z2ak


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