Pace Automation wants to help local kiranas compete in online grocery war

  • An Indian technology firm, working with IBM public cloud unit, is looking to help Indian kirana stores defend their turf in the online grocery war.
  • Pace Automation, which has previously built software for restaurants, wants to bring 1,50,000 thousand local grocery stores onto its platform in three years and allow customers to order their groceries online from the nearest grocer.
  • The customer can pick the slot it will be delivered in and the store they want the groceries from. They will provide the technology backend, the point-of-sale device and it will all be cloud-based.
  • Pace has already tied up with distributors in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and the National Capital Region.
  • Pace is also tying up with a bank, so the store can also act as a micro-ATM and customers could withdraw cash at the store. In addition, they are also creating a partnership with an insurance firm so the store ownercould also act as a sales channel for insurance.

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