No time to kill: How smartphone is pushing chewing gum out of fashion

Do you think smartphones have drastically changed our lifestyle? Yes. Where we used to pass our time reading books or playing outdoor games, now, is all taken by our smartphones.
  • Smartphones have made everyone a photographer, where 10 years ago, they were just a small community.
  • Not only the trend of cameras is pushed out, but a change is seen in fewer people chewing gum these days.
  • Before, chewing gum was a favourite way of passing time, which is now replaced by our smartphones.
  • Also, it has affected the impulse buys in the supermarket checkout line, which was a major point of sale for chewing gum.
  • Now, smartphones have become a permanent solution to all the boredom and leisure for the people.
  • The chewing gum industry is fighting this challenging situation of smartphones, with innovations such as mint gum, and sugar-free gums.
A recent report by a market research firm named Euromonitor International stated 15% decline in the global chewing gum sales since the year 2007- when iPhone came out in the market.

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