PepsiCo India adopts location-free work to retain talent

Beverages and snacks major ‘PepsiCo India’ has introduced a new location-free work arrangement in a bid to open up opportunities to talent that were earlier held back due to mobility constraints.
  • Increasing number of associates had short-term or long-term mobility constraints due to dual careers, ageing parents or children in critical school years.
  • This prompted the company to try and open up opportunities and critical experiences to employees while providing them the flexibility to manage their personal lives.
  • The initiative was piloted in India but supported by other regions within Pepsi-Co’s Asia, Middle East and North Africa (AMENA) sector.
  • PepsiCo currently has 17 employees in location-free roles.
  • This initiative by PepsiCo will also help on the gender diversity front, and will be a strong lever in attracting new women into the workplace.
  • Many employees who relocated to different places were given opportunities to work from there so that key talent could be retained by the company.
This new arrangement by PepsiCo has given employees new career experiences by interacting with a spectrum of colleagues across the globe and gaining new skills. Employees at PepsiCo can now have a work life balance.

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