New York goes back in time with revival of hand-painted ads

Have we lost on the painted advertisements in this digital era? No. The streets of New-York, the city which never sleeps, are once again flavouring the tastes of commercial arts.
  • Odaffer, since seven years, has been painting adson walls in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago for Colossal Media, and has risen from nowhere to become the leader in painted advertising.
  • Hand paintings are expensive, slow and over the time, technology has took over the need for hand paintings.
  • But, the painted ads set the advertisers apart and generate the much needed buzz on the streets, and a sense of curiosity is built among the people.
  • The advertisers in the New-York city are now asking for this unique product which was way much difficult to sell in the past, said Mr. Chris Cockerill, general manager for Lamar advertising.
The buzz created by the street paintings carries over onto social media, fuelled by photographs and videos which enhance brand visibility and advertising and brings value to the work of the artists.


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