Nestlé India on path to cut sugar content in chocolates- Re-launches less sweeter Milkybar, KitKat, Munch may follow

This is the first time a chocolate manufacturer in India has decided to cut sugar levels by increasing the amount of wholesome ingredients, such as milk, in its products. Nestlé India has re-launched its chocolate brand Milkybar, reducing sugar content by 10 per cent and increasing milk content by 8 per cent.
  • The Milkybar re-launch is expected to be followed by less sweeter KitKat and Munch
  • The announcement came at a time when global majors such as PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have committed to cut salt and sugar in their brands, fuelled by the need for healthier products among consumers.
  • Nestlé India, was keen to avoid compromising on the taste and wanted the product to be healthier at the same time.
  • The effort on Milkybar was a result of collaboration between Nestlé’s global and local (India) research and development wings.
  • In recent months, Nestlé India has fortified Maggi as well as Milo (health drink) and Ceregrow (infant food product) with micro-nutrients, in line with its global guidelines on health and wellness 
As the trend in the category is increasingly moving to light eating Nestlé would like to capitalise on it.


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