Challengers at work: A peep into the path ahead for some homegrown disruptors

A challenger brand is a company or product brand in an industry that is not the category leader. They can neither be called a market leader nor a niche brand.
There are famous challenger brand stories in:
  1. Mobile segment:
  • OnePlus One trying to convert the Apple and Samsung users to One plus.
  • The company has had a great opportunity in India to make good products and to use the e-commerce model to disrupt the traditional brands.
  • They are very clear on their positioning and market share and know they can bring value to the costumers by striving to make the best android flagship phone.
  • People liked OnePlus so much was because of the use of sandstone instead of polycarbonate, used by their competitors, for their body for the phone.
  • It is about the level of detail and understanding of design and innovation that made the difference.
  1. Consumer goods segment:
  • Ghadi Detergent a lesser known brand or rather product made difference a few years back and Detergents as a category are already mature with extremely high penetration.
  • Ghadi Detergent played on its strength, delivered the product at a great price and also communicated the product in a way that it resonated with a very large consumer base.
  • The product also has innovations piped up and it almost shook the whole detergent industry.
  1. Food segment:
  • The Delhi based Bagrry’s has created subcategories like oats and muesli but what is different and how does it disrupts the segment?
  • It created oats into staples forms of Atta, suji, and rava, poha, etc. which attracted consumers on large scale as they are becoming health conscious.
  • Bagrry’s has a new innovation up its sleeve and is coming out with something called as Corn Flakes Plus which has 2x fiber and is a lot healthier than a normal cereal breakfast.
 Challengers mostly share common characteristics such as an entrepreneur’s hunger to win along with single person decision-making, and being free of the pressures faced by most MNCs on margins, profit, shareholder return etc.


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