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Moment marketing essentially refers to creating relevant and consistent connections between offline and online media in real life. The greatest challenge that the marketers and advertisers are facing in today’s world is to make sure that their brand is discussed among their audience. It is imperative to keep the buzz up, otherwise, within a snap of a finger, a brand’s value might fall.

In my opinion, buzz marketing is losing its relevance with every passing day. Brands have to be always in the buzz, the stage is cluttered, but every brand should try to catch the spotlight. Not being present, can be disastrous for brands.  

  • Brands like Amul have been incorporating Moment marketing in their communication for a very long time, no major event in India passes without a witty print ad with the face Amul girl, we have been conditioned to look for this, and that is exactly where Amul has won the game. This is a classic example of moment marketing, of linking offline with online.
  • Digital marketing has increased the scope for moment marketing widely, especially in social media, where relevance is everything. Relevance and timing are the two important factors that will ensure that your brand is being noticed at all.
  • For example, when Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement from International cricket recently, numerous brands came with multitudes of witty creatives to bid him the perfect goodbye. It cannot be said who first started the trend, but once the trend is set, your brand has to be there with the rest, competing and hoping that your creativity is a tad bit better than the rest.

 The result of properly incorporating Moment marketing can be rewarding, your content can go viral, or it can become the next buzzword or hashtag, which means more brand visibility.




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