One of the world’s leading supercar brands, renowned for their strikingly awesome looks, like jets and rockets coming out of them and the one which always makes the best bedroom wall poster!
But did you know Lamborghini, the brand we see today was not actually a supercar brand?! The brand is the result of an insult by none other than Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the world famous Ferrari brand we see today.
Initially, Lamborghini was a tractor making company. The founder, Ferrurcio Lamborghini was a petrolhead and once found a technical issue in a Ferrari and conveyed it to its founder. However, Ferrurcio’s comment offended Enzo Ferrari and he hit back on him saying, it is better you stick to your tractor business, this is supercar territory!
Had Enzo known that his rash comment would result in the creation of a brand which would become the biggest competitor to Ferrari in modern day!
Yes, the supercar brand, Lamborghini came into existence and the rest is history as they say! They revolutionised the supercar design, impracticality, and speed to a whole new level!
Have you ever seen a Lamborghini commercial!? May be a couple of them, but not on a regular basis and believe me they sell in good numbers! This brand needs no marketing even if it’s a launch of their new product which costs around 4.5 to 6.5cr on road price in India!
Such is the aura of Lamborghini. The funny fact is that all their cars are named after famous fighting bulls. It’s truly a dream of any guy to own a Lamborghini one day!
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