Here’s how regional brands are using social media to get maximum bang for their buck.

India is country where we find diversity in diet, language and culture. So the one size fits all approach can be implemented to a certain extent and social media platforms are helping brands to overcome these challenges.
  • The new internet users in India are coming from smaller towns that are not that comfortable with English language.
  • Major apps like Chrome, Facebook, Android, etc. now natively support multiple Indian languages.
  • 5Star chocolate brand was facing stiff competition in Tamil Nadu-one of its key markets from players like Snikers, KitKat, and Mars. With the release of Rajnikant’s Kabali, it provided the brand an opportunity to reclaim its position. The brand launched #SuperOda5Star initiative on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Livon, a hair serum brand, promoted by Kangana Ranauat could not cut much ice in the North East where straight hair is more appealing. The brand used Facebook and tailored hair inspired by K Pop, Korea and Philippines film stars, to reach to the young girls in that region. The geographical advertising layered with messaging in localised languages lets the consumer feel a greater connect with the brand
  • Along with targeting the middle-aged enthusiasts or teens interested in sports-related travel, social media is particularly adept at reaching time constrained audiences like new moms, and shift workers – airline crew, for instance who cannot be reached by traditional media.
When consumers search for what they need, they want content they can understand in a language that they can relate to. The highest use of content in regional languages currently is through chat apps, entertainment portals and social networks, and what drives the maximum consumption in these markets are images, video and audio content.


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