India Post launches coffee flavored stamps to push the branding of Indian coffee

  • Imagine picking up a post that smells like coffee. The Indian Postal department, in collaboration with the Coffee Board launched its new coffee scented stamps in order to give a branding push to Indian coffee.
  • These coffee stamps have a layer of coffee granules that, when rubbed, give its distinctive aroma.
  • The commemorative postage stamp is available for Rs 100.
  • With the news, innovative campaign as #CoffeeFlavouredStamp trended on Twitter.
  • “Today is an age of branding, we need to brand everything, we need to sell everything, we need to have high profile marketing for everything to even reach the lower end of the pyramid”: Nirmala Sitharaman [Union Minister of Commerce & Industry]
  • India introduced its first aromatic stamp in 2006, with Rs 15 sandalwood-scented stamp, followed by rose-scented stamps in four varieties in 2007 at Rs 5 each, & a jasmine fragrance in 2008.
  • Bhutan was the first country to release aromatic stamps, in 1973, followed by New Zealand, Thailand & Switzerland.


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