Impact of Digitalisation and Automation

The business world is rapidly digitizing, breaking down industry barriers and creating new opportunities while destroying long-successful business models.
  • This process is called “digital disruption” and it is one of the critical forces in today’s business world. Although sweeping technology-enabled change often takes longer than we expect, history shows that the impact of such change can be greater than we ever imagined.
  • In a long list of things that would be unimaginable even a decade before they were invented, think steam engines, cars, airplanes,TVs, telephones and, most recently, mobile phones and e-books.
  • More recently, think surgery conducted by robots, taking a loan through an app, electric cars, alternative energy,disintermediation, cloud computing and so, so much more.
Digitalisation is taking over our lives and our organisations, forcing
them to work in an ecosystem powered by technology and connect with each other. In this day and age where digital gives you the opportunity to create something out of nothing, organisations have to build an ecosystem of innovation to prosper. The day is not far, when you hear this announcement from a pilot in an airplane!

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