HUL will provide Love and Care to our prized premium fabrics

After 32 years Hindustan Unilever has come up with a new detergent ‘Love & Care’ for premium fabrics such as silk, chiffon etc. The growth of detergent market over the past 3 years has been driven by the higher priced segment.


  • The launch comes as a part of HUL’s ongoing premiumization strategy.
  • They devised it to target the growing purchasing power and the resulting willingness to spend on expensive products.
  • HUL have come up with the tactic of targeting the clothes people would rather have dry cleaned or at the very least get them washed separately.
  • With this tactic they aim to complete the circle of evolution of the way we wash clothes, from doing it ourselves to getting it done by maids, from outsourcing the task to washing machines and now back to doing it ourselves.
  • HUL’s ambition of reinventing the way we do laundry is backed by their efforts like roping in the hotshot fashion designer Manish Malhotra, advertising through OTT channels and high-end women’s magazines, and a price that puts them on a different level in comparison to competitors.


HUL up until now was slowly becoming a passenger going in a direction that would considerably slow down its progression, now they are all set to be in the driving seat rather than being driven. With their new product ‘Love & Care’ they have joined a movement that says wash your very good clothes and intimates yourself. A call to the customers sharing their vision and warning their rivals is exactly what the launch of ‘Love & Care’ is – a move symbolic of their intentions, driving the growth and not being driven by it.





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