‘House of Pataudi’ unveils ‘Stories of Love’ featuring real myntra customers

With increase in buying decisions driven by feelings rather than logic, emotional marketing creates meaningful relationships that result in creation of fan base rather than just a consumer base.


  • The ethnic wear brand ‘House of Pataudi’, co-owned by Saif Ali Khan, Exceed Entertainment and Myntra, has launched first of its video content series ‘Stories of love’ that captures real couples who have an interesting love story to narrate
  • Intention is to establish a deep emotional connect with audiences from across regions and diverse cultural backgrounds
  • The episodes will feature ‘Myntra Insiders’ – members of Myntra’s Loyalty Program, from across the country. Six unique love stories are identified by the brand and would be released over the next one year
  • The first video, shot in and around the backwaters of Kerala with remarkable videography, is also being targeted at Onam festival.
  • “Rich culture and romance are an integral part of House of Pataudi and as a brand, we value the multi-cultural fabric that makes up our country. There is so much that India offers through its culture and traditions that every occasion, every ceremony has an interesting story and we decided to capture some of these through our Stories of Love campaign featuring real customers and celebrating their romance” says Saif Ali Khan.
  • As an ethnic wear brand, occasions are keys to connect with existing and new customers and with this campaign it attempts to strike a chord with customers associating romance, love, grandeur and culture with the brand.


Nowadays consumers have greater access to brand stories, and marketers have more ways to convey their brand’s identity and vision. If done right, emotional marketing helps marketers to get closer to the customer’s heart while conveying brand’s values, interests and passion.

Source: https://brandequity.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/marketing/house-of-pataudi-releases-stories-of-love-featuring-real-myntra-customers/70993922

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