How Zoopla’s CMO is building a brand from the inside out

The site is currently best known for providing house valuations. The brand now has bigger ambitions. Zoopla is hoping to change how customers use its site as it looks to drive up more engagement and traffic, and therefore preference, in the competitive housing market.

  • The biggest challenge they face is people come to the site to validate things but don’t do transactions
  • The objective here is that clients go to the site, realize that Zoopla has full inventory of housing stock and the best tools and instruments to help them on their journey to make a home
  • Zoopla is trying to shift focus from awareness to consideration


Brand positioning

  • This ambition to expand and build a greater level of purpose, has necessitated a change in approach for the brand to position itself
  • The new positioning, ‘We know what a home is really worth’, obliges Zoopla’s legacy in valuations, yet in addition aims to tap into the emotional side of house hunting
  • New campaigns coincide with one of three big jumps in traffic that Zoopla experiences across the year
  • The new campaign idea is a result of research Zoopla conducted which showed a clear link between the emotional and rational aspects of buying a house and the notion of worth


Bringing together marketing and product

  • The aim is to change customer’s behaviour through their content strategy
  • The content push is part of a long-term play from Zoopla to boost brand preference



Zoopla is thinking from customer-first viewpoint, which helps them to understand how they can improve customer journey, their experience, performance of the site and eventually start to blur the boundaries between marketing and product experience.





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