How Amazon dreams of being the new prime-time for India

  • Amazon Prime Video has hit our screens, and the parent company’s trademark aggression was evident in everything it did.
  • First, there was the tagline ‘India Ka Naya Primetime’ and an introductory price far lower than other services. At the time of writing, a year’s worth of Amazon Prime at Rs 499, is a rupee less than just a month’s worth of content on Netflix’s most basic plan. Even Hotstar’s premium offering comes at a relatively stiff Rs 190 a month.
  • Amazon’s focus is delivering the largest selection of latest and exclusive movies and TV shows, kids programming and award-winning Amazon Originals.
  • What’s likely to hook customers over time is high quality streaming with low data usage, offline downloads, and parental locks for people, explicit TV shows. Apart from premiering films within weeks of theatrical release and US TV shows within the same day of original broadcast, Amazon also points to a lineup of 17 Indian originals.
  • Amazon has also launched carousels like “Trending”, “Top Movies”, “Top TV” and “Recommended” based on customer behavior and engagement.” The secret sauce would be recommendations based not just on viewing behavior on Amazon Prime Video but on purchases of films and TV over Amazon’s websites.

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