Haldiram’s Rules the Indian Taste Buds like No Other

  • Indian snacks maker, Haldiram, is all set to leave behind well-funded international companies in the packaged food and ready-to-eat sector.
  • Haldiram’s revenue grew 13% to cross Rs 4000 cr. surpassing the India turnover of two American fast food rivals Domino’s and McDonald’s put together.
  • Desi Halwai and snacks maker has three distinct area of operations in different regions, increasing its reach and getting revenue of Rs. 2136 crore from northern region, average revenue of Rs. 1613 crore from western and southern markets and Rs. 298 crore from eastern market.
  • “We have increased our reach and developed products in-house that ensure quality control. We also understand Indian palate well and that comes handy while launching new products.” Says Kamal Agarwal, fourth generation member of founding family.
  • The second largest Indian brand after Parle boast leadership in market and biggest than five of its rivals- Balaji Wafers, Pratap snacks, Bikanervala, Bikaji Foods and DFM Foods- combined.
  • There is a lot of potential in snacks market luring many other firms to step in the market. But market is still dominated by western snacks such as Pesico’s Kurkure and ITC foods while Paper Boat will soon enter the category.
Source: http://bit.ly/2kY8fff

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