Ferrero Rocher a part of kuch meetha hojaye?

Since Cadbury has pioneered the concept of chocolates to be given as Diwali gifts or as any gifts, the mentally of people in India has changed to a great extent. From the last two Diwali’s Ferrero Rocher, the chocolate maker from the Italian town of Alba has taken advantage of the same fact.
  • Since India has been adapting to a lot of mixing and matching it was easy for Ferrero to make and plan its marketing strategy. Plus, it is now available almost everywhere, even the mittai stores have been keeping them in order to increase their profits through sales.
  • It being familiar in taste and form makes it even more of a good gift giving combination. Ferrero Rocher leads the company’s growth in India.
  • Despite competition from Nestle and category leader Mondelez, by last year Ferrero’s annual sales crossed `1,500 crores.
  • The marketing strategy of Ferrero is quite simple keeping the premiums high, penetrating the distribution formats and easy accessibility of the chocolate.
  • Ferrero’s latest Diwali theme commercial, ‘Precious like the people we love’ makes its intention abundantly clear that it is here to stay and will give a tough competition to the traditional ladoo.
The company has a lot of tricks pulled up their sleeves for the coming year, starting where it introduced Ferrero collection in India which consists of a premium collection.


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