Indian consumers love to share data for better brand experience, claims survey

As per a survey, for a better brand experience, consumers are willing to share personal information to help firms deliver better service.
  • Consumer privacy, involves the handling and protection of sensitive personal information that individuals provide in the course of everyday transactions.
  • According to the software provider SAP Hybris, 92 % of Indians are willing to provide some information and feedback to brands.
  • The survey also listed that:
  1. unknown user data,
  2. unresponsive customer service,
  3. spamming, and
  4. making mistakes more than twice, as the top four reasons Indians break up with brands.
  • More than half of the customers said they would provide their email address as well as shopping history and preferences.
  • Another recent Forrester survey reported that a majority of customers consider customer experience to be a high or critical priority for their companies.
 With the willingness to share information, Indian respondents also expect their data to be protected.
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