Fashion portal rent it Bae expands to 11 cities

Founded by lawyer Aanchal Saini, Rent It BAE is a unique rental market for the lovers of fashion where people can rent the expensive outfits and accessories in one-tenth of the retail price and is now looking to expand its reach to 11 cities
  • It is allowing users to rent the designer clothes for four or more days at 10%-15% retail price.
  • Having success in the cities like Chandigarh and Ludhiana they are looking for the expansion in others markets within the period of one year.
  • At just rupee 3,999 a month they are offering unlimited fashion subscription where people can rent numerous clothes and accessories at multiple time.
India is a country full of festivals including a large number of family functions like marriages where people spend a large amount of money just for a perfect dress which they might never wear again. Rent It Bae is an option for them to wear their favourite dress without paying money in bulk.
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