Does religion have a place in advertising?

The article addresses the issue of advertising based on religion being used to further products and analyses whether it is turns out to be productive for companies.
  • There is little doubt that the web is changing the way religion is being experienced on a global scale.
  • In general, however, it would be wise for marketers to avoid material that will either cause widespread or intense offense to a small group. This does not include festival advertising in India which is largely “discount sale” advertising without a point of view.
  • Addressing whether religion really has a place in advertising, an industry stated that if one were to look at it purely from the point of effectiveness, it would not.
  • The pre-requisite for a good ad is to establish relevance with a target. The inclusion of religion only makes it relevant to those with strong religious beliefs. To many others, you take the risk that it may just be unpleasant to them and they would dismiss it. Some may also feel that making religion a commercial consideration might well offend their religious sensibilities.
  • So in effect, you may be undertaking a lot of risk if you’re looking at gaining commercial profit by using a religious theme.
Religion and humour have never been the best of friends. Unfortunately, the role of humour and, to a certain degree, even advertising, is to change the accepted order of things. Whereas the role of religion and theology is to stoutly defend them.
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