Does Doordarshan need a new logo?

The first public broadcaster DD (popularly known as Doordarshan) started in 1959 as an initiative of Government of India in the entertainment sector. From “mere deshkidharti” depicting Indian patriotism to “ellorumkondaaduvom” for Muslim celebration, DD was an integration of everything for everyone. But now DD has been outpaced by private broadcasters and on that basis, Shashi ShekharVempati, chief executive of public broadcaster is looking to change the logo of Doordarshan.
  • Doordarshan is seeking people’s opinion and therefore invited entries from the general public for a new logo.
  • Relating its new logo with “children of liberalization” Vempati is looking for youthful redesigning of DD logo. The objective behind it to bring the youth appeal in the channel.
  • The reason behind the change of logo is intense competition from private broadcasters.
  • The new logo should connect with the audience, not just the external but also the internal employees.
  • Samit Sinha, MD, Alchemist Brand Consulting put the analogy of hip and historic and classic yet chic to suggest the credibility with contemporariness with the new logo.
  • According to Dedhia, the real change should be in the product and/or service i.e. the content of DD should also be transformed. Change of logo is important but it is just the part of the larger story or brand experience.
DD entertained generation X (born 1965 to 1976), Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964) in the pre-TRP era and should not totally change its logo. A mere change in colour, design and graphics would do well, because the logo incarnated in 58 years reflect ‘we were the first, we were the leaders. We are now becoming relevant to a younger audience.


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