Does Coke’s desi rendition of ‘The Elevator’ ad cut it?

  • Coca-Cola has recently launched a new ad campaign, ‘#LiftTheFeeling’, featuring actress Deepika Padukone. The ad titled ‘Elevator’ has been made under the ‘taste the feeling’ campaign keeping the Indian audience in mind.
  • The ad film is Coca-Cola’s Indian rendition of the international ad campaign and is in tune with Coca-Cola’s “One Brand” strategy to unify all Coca-Cola Trademark brands under one creative approach.
  • Creating curiosity amongst viewers, the launch on digital media had consumers liking, sharing and commenting relentlessly, resulting in greater engagement between them and the brand.
  • The ad campaign, ‘#BrotherlyLove’, released on YouTube in December 2016, was Coca-Cola’s Indian rendition of the international ad campaign which was launched on YouTube in January 2016.
  • A number of versions of some of these ads of this campaign were shot by Coca-Cola with the actors differing for cultural relevance. The same approach was taken with “Elevator.”
  • Three versions of the ‘Elevator’ campaign have been shot on the same set using different casting in different geographical locations. The storyline, art direction and overall creative quality remain the same with small adjustments.



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