Dabur drags Emami to court

The world of marketing is fiercely competitive. While creative advertisement might be entertaining, comparative advertisement, one of the aggressive forms of marketing, is a whole new ball game altogether. Nowadays, Dabur and Emami are in news.
  • Dabur is the market leader with a share of 58% in the category of chyawanprash. It also manufactures sugar-free chyawanprash.
  • Last year, Emami launched Zandu Chyavanprashad without sugar. In the ad, Emami claimed that its chyavanprashad has all the advantages of chyawanprash. The print ad of the sugar free product gave a warning in red ‘chyawanprash has 50 per cent sugar’.
  • Dabur’s contention is that Emami was trying to compare its sugar free product with Dabur’s product, which contains sugar.
  • The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), an industry watchdog, claimed that ‘chyawanprash ke saare gun’ is misleading by exaggeration.
  • Later on, Emami deleted the content after ASCI order but the ad still exists on digital platforms like Youtube.
  • Dabur has dragged Emami to court for the ad which allegedly disparaged the chyawanprash category. The high court termed this campaign as misleading, unfair, deceptive, and created with dishonest intentions.
  • The Delhi high court has asked Emami to pull out the advertisement but Emami has gone into appeal, which could make it a protracted battle.
Whether it is Apple’s campaign vs. Microsoft’s or TOI’s vs The Hindu’s, the list is long. We’ve all come across advertisements when brands take on one another, and openly mock the rival brand through print, digital or broadcast media. And cases like Emami’s ad where companies make direct references to the competition sure do make for an interesting watch!
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