Crocs Tries Reboot With New Campaign

  • When it was launched 15 years ago, Crocs became the darling of the fashion world. But like many other brands, the company expanded too quickly, distributing overseas and setting up retail locations in geographies not necessarily appropriate.
  • It has spent years trying to rejuvenate the brand and on 10th April 2017 will debut a spring campaign, though it seems the cracks have already been developed in the Crocs relationship.
  • The campaign includes a 30 second manifesto video. In the spot, John Cena and Drew Barrymore tell consumers to ‘Come as You Are’ and celebrate differences in an inclusivity-pushing strategy.
  • The concept of ‘Come As You Are’ is built on the insight that it has never been easier to judge to others. As a brand that has been bullied themselves, Crocs wanted to convey empathy for and understanding of their consumers.
  • Crocs is trying to do a lot of things during a challenging macro time. Crocs is ‘turnaround-able’ as it has done over $1 billion sales for 6 consecutive years and diversified its product line and presence overseas.
  • The new marketing push will exclude TV and be a pure digital play, including social media and banner ads. Digital and social campaigns are the most effective means of reaching their target consumers.


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